Building Websites

website setupWhen we talk about building websites, in addition to the graphic design, you have to set some important elements.

Domain Name

The domain name is the web address of your company, users will try typing it in the search bar, to arrive at your home page.

Decide the suffix. The most common (and usually more expensiveto buy) it. com, but there are many more, such as: .eu .com .net .info and so on. Depending on the cost, it is recommended to register your domain name with more suffixes, so you’ll be sure to let me quickly find by visitors, but also to protect your brand.

Building Website

You can design and build a website yourself, or hire an expert.

When choosing a web agency, ask them to let you see the projects for their clients, avoid Flash sites, this technology is not supported on Apple products like iPad and iPhone, and makes it difficultto find your sitein the engines of search.

Get more visitors to your website


Once the site is up and running you need to get people to visit it. There are various ways to attract viewers to your site by typing the URL, entering specific terms in search engines, per click or through links from other sites payments.

The most renowned payments per click providers are Google AdWords and Overture, which runs on Yahoo! Search. Google displays links pay- per-click in the box or colored label them as “sponsored links”.

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